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30 Days to a Simpler Life

Life Is Complicated!
Living simply saves time, money, and energy, and is the perfect antidote for a speeded-up life. This book, based on the premise that 30 days and 30 tasks, along with tips, quotes and inspirational stories, can start you on a simpler, healthier path.

Tips, Tips, Tips
30 Days to a Simpler Life will help you create serene, less cluttered spaces. Learn fresh, new ways to simplify with insights from philosophers, designers, psychologists, financial planners, and other experts. We’ve also included a guide to related books, newsletters, and websites to further assist you in reaching your goal of simpler living. For starters, here are a few suggestions:

Go for oversized furniture, and less of it.
Display large art objects, fewer knickknacks.
Avoid busy, patterned wallpaper.
Screen out distractions with standing screens.
Install more built-in cabinets.

The Book’s History
30 Days to a Simpler Life is published by Penguin Putnam, 1998, and has sold over 90,000 copies. It is featured in the Walmart catalogue and is the sequel to Simply Organized! which sold over 100,000 books. Cris Evatt also wrote How to Organize Your Closet…and Your Life! which sold over 100,000 books.



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