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Spring 2007 Newsletter

Hello Friends,

Is time flying by faster than ever? Is the Earth on speed? If you know the answer, please tell me. My birthday arrives and then zoom, another one appears. Eeek! Maybe, I should meditate more or spend less time on the computer. But I love my computer. This letter is about stuff that delights me, my favorite things.

Best Films
These thrillers are about “luck” and its importance in our lives.
•  Run Lola Run: Time is running out for Lola. She’s just received a frantic phone call from her boyfriend, Manni, who has lost a small fortune belonging to his mobster boss. If Lola doesn't replace the money in 20 minutes, Manni will suffer severe consequences.
•  Matchpoint:  Woody Allen’s film about a tennis pro who falls in love with a nice woman from a wealthy family—and a not-so-nice woman, played by Scarlett Johansson.

Best New Word
"Truthiness" is a satirical term coined by television comedian Stephen Colbert to describe things that a person claims to know intuitively or “from the gut” without regard to logic, evidence, or actual facts. It was named word of the year for 2006 by Merriam-Webster.

Best Books
• What Is Your Dangerous Idea? edited by John Brockman. This new paperback features short articles by today’s leading thinkers on the unthinkable. It’ll tweak your imagination. Take it to your favorite café.
Encountering Naturalism: A Worldview & Its Uses by Thomas W. Clark, the director of The Center for Naturalism. Naturalism holds that we inhabit a single, natural world and there is no separate supernatural realm. Nature is enough.
• The Myth of Free Will, my new book, received a wonderful review from Tom Clark: “Given the intellectual firepower represented in Cris Evatt’s book, one might conclude that doubting Free Will is conventional wisdom among the cognoscenti these days. It is, but few are willing to risk making a big deal about it. This is why her book is important: it helps break the taboo on questioning supernatural Free Will.” 

Encountering Naturalism: A Worldview & Its Uses What Is Your Dangerous Idea?

Best Internet Video Talks hosts some of the world's most fascinating people: Trusted voices and convention-breaking mavericks, icons and geniuses. Listen to free 20-minute talks on a variety of subjects that’ll rock your world.

Best TV Series
We don’t have cable, so rent television series (without commercials, a blessing) from Netflix. My favorite shows are Numbers, Boston Legal, Desperate Housewives, and My Name Is Earl.

Have a joyous spring!



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