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summer 2005

Aloha Friends,

Welcome to my second newsletter! I received a hearty response for my first letter from many readers who sincerely wish to simplify their complicated lives. Five people emailed tips, so don’t feel shy about sending yours. Holiday suggestions are welcomed.

If you’d like a free copy of my new cookbook, Intuitive Cuisine: Cooking without Measurements, send an email request. My cherished recipes from all over the world, plus photos from my travels to Italy and France, are featured.

Herbaceuticals distributes non-toxic hair-dyes from Italy. No ammonia, just gentle ingredients. Go to to become savvy. (Notice there is no “e” at the end of the first word.) I’ve been using Sesame Blonde, and when it washes out slightly, I look like a surfer chick. One box of this easy-to-apply color costs a mere $14.95. You can buy this product from Wholefoods or order it online.

My Four-Star Films
The Tao of Steve: Dex, an overweight slacker living in Santa Fe, excels at charming women. The reason behind his success is his pseudo-philosophy about dating women. While his lazy lifestyle with no commitment seems to work, Dex gradually begins to realize there’s something more to life.
Guns, Germs & Steel: Writer Jared Diamond sets off on a globe-straddling tour to figure out this why there are rich countries and poor countries. Based on a Pulitzer-Prize winning book.
Bullshit: Comedy duo Penn & Teller are known for revealing the secrets behind magicians' tricks. But in their new television series, they train their satiric sights on debunking dearly-held notions of popular culture. Utilizing research, hidden cameras, and healthy doses of humor and skepticism, they expose the fakery behind TV psychics, alien abductions, end-of-the-world theories, bottled water, and much, much more.

Psychoblather: The essential rule when trying to convert someone is, “Don’t, at least not at first.” First, ask others for their opinion on the subject. Listening without interrupting (a challenge for me) shows respect and allows you to learn. After they finish, say something that indicates that you understand. When it’s your turn, begin by presenting a short background for your opinion.

My car gets 50 mpg. I’ve owned a spunky, white Honda Civic Hybrid for almost two years and have had no problems with it. (No, it doesn’t have a plug). Recently I had it serviced for the first time: the cost, $150. I just learned that my friend Patricia bought a sexy new Lexus Hybrid. Way to go, girlfriend.

Our electric bill is zero. We’re on solar power. To take the simplest energy-saving step, change all of your lightbulbs to compact fluorescents. These efficient bulbs cost a little more, last seven years and reduce your bill hugely. We have no incandescent bulbs in our home. Nada. The photo below shows 7 of our 28 solar panels. The panels cost about the same as a sporty, new gas-guzzling SUV.


I created a webpage for our one-bedroom cottage. To check it out, go to The photo above shows the cottage’s patio and yard. Several dazzling photos of lush Kauai are featured on the site.

Have a wonderful fall! My next newsletter will be about stress-free holidays.


Simone: “After I wash my hair, I sprinkle two drops of fruit, nut or veggie oil into one palm, rub my palms together, and then rub my oily hands into my wet hair. Voila, shiny hair.”
Julie: “For healthier gums, floss everyday with baking soda. I am a dental hygienist, so have seen remarkable results with this technique. I recommend thin, unwaxed POH Floss.”
Larry: “I bought 4 canvas-covered boxes. Three I use for socks. I threw out my mishmash of socks; they needed replacing anyway. I bought 6 pairs of identical light socks, two pairs of identical dark socks, and added to my collection of white. Each type has its own box that sits in my closet. The fourth box holds my briefs (unfolded, much to my wife's chagrin) and resides in my bottom bathroom cabinet.”
Cindy: “I removed the large sofa from my home office and added a yoga mat. For every hour I work on my computer, I do a spinal roll and some stretches. My back and shoulders feel so much better.”
Lee Ann: “If anyone out there has trouble falling asleep like I do, here's something I found at Border's that might help. I bought a CD called Healing Mind System by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson. The CD works by blending inaudible pulses of sound that mirror the brainwave pattern of the Healing Mind State into a soothing musical soundtrack. I actually fell asleep within 5-7 minutes. It sure beats taking pills.”



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