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The Myth of Free Will
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spacer The Myth of Free Will
Cris Evatt

What are the costs and benefits of living “as if” you have free will? Does your reliance on it make you happier or sadder? This book answers those questions and many more. It reveals how your brain produces your options and choices, how it creates your reality. Read More>>


The Givers and the Takers
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The Givers & the Takers
Cris Evatt and Bruce Feld

Which type are you? You say you’re both. Read this book to find out, honestly, which one you are and what to do about it. Did you know that being a Giver is not superior to being a Taker? That’s shocking news for most Givers. Read More>>

  30 Days to a Simpler Life
Cris Evatt and Connie Cox

You can’t go to a spa for a week and become toned, firm and fit. Likewise, you can’t get your life in shape in a week or month or even a year. You must chip away at both, working in small bite-sized chunks, within the framework of your life. This book tackles every room in your house. Read More>>


Opposite Sides of the Bed
spacer Opposite Sides of the Bed
Cris Evatt with a Foreword by John Gray

Did you know that women smile more than men and use more adjectives such as cute, horrible and wonderful? And men are more sensitive to stress and have a hormone that suppresses tears? Learn fascinating facts about gender differences from the latest research.
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