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The Givers and the Takers

My Biggest Epiphany
One Saturday morning, while I was waiting for toast to pop up, a loud inner voice shouted, “There are two kinds of people in the world... Givers and Takers. Your romantic relationships failed because you gave too much.” From that day on, I became a “balanced woman” and no longer acted like a gullible giving-machine. Six months later, I shared this revelation and its details (which filled a stack of large notecards) with a curly-headed Giver-male, writer and poet Bruce Feld. He urged me to write this book. The rest is mystery.

30 Giver-Taker Traits
Are you more of a Giver or a Taker? This book provides analyses and tests to determine your type, and prescriptions for change. You will learn thirty traits and be able to answer questions like these:

Why do Givers fall madly in love with Takers?
Who is the jealous one and who is the flirt?
Why do Givers talk more than Takers?
Which type tends to be overweight?
Why do Givers lean forward so much?
Which type tries to change others and fails?
Why do Takers trust people less?

Choose the Latest Edition
Buy the newly revised edition of The Givers & The Takers (Papaya Press) which contains 10 more personality traits than the used editions by Macmillan (1983) and Fawcett (1988). Our book has been featured in USA Today, The San Francisco Examiner, New Woman, Beauty Digest, and W magazine, to name a few. The Behavioral Books Institute chose it as a monthly selection for its book club.

Start a Support Group for Giver-Women
Create a support group for “Women Who Give Too Much” by using our book as a guide. Click on the URL above for suggestions on how to do it.

Send Us Your Giver-Taker Story
Let us know how our book has made a difference in your life. Share a Giver-Taker experience. Your drama can star your mate, parents, children, a friend or a co-worker? The process of writing your story can be healing. Go to our “Giver-Taker Letters” website (above) for readers' stories. Send yours to



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